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The executive team of the McGill Choral Society consists of a group of McGill students, who work closely with our Musical Director, and strive to make your MCS experience the best possible! We are responsible for fundraising, book-keeping, and ensuring that our concerts and rehearsals are organized.

In addition to the Student Executive Team, we have a Senior Support Committee which consists of a group of older members of the choir. They offer their advice and experience to the Student Executive Team, and help us ensure that the choir runs smoothly.


Domitille Buricatu

Hi, I’m Domitille, but commonly go by Domi! I’m in management at McGill, working towards a major in Information Systems and a concentration in Entrepreneurship. A couple fun facts: I’m both French and American, I started playing the violin at 11 years old, and I hated every minute of it until I started practising in high school (…that’s when it actually started to sound good!). I also sung in a small church choir when I was little. Overall I’m a very awkward but curious and enthusiastic person, and I can’t wait to help MCS have two amazing concerts this year!


Yueyang Yueyang Li
Hello everyone, I am a U3 Physiology student from Ottawa, Ontario. Although I am new to choir, music has been an important aspect throughout my life—I have played piano for over 10 years, and was a percussionist in my high school band and orchestra for 4 years. I am very excited to be a part of this fantastic choir, and I am looking forward to helping out while also improving my singing! Other than music, my hobbies mainly include playing sports (especially soccer) and travelling.



Apolline Bard

Hi everyone! I’m a Mathematics major from France. I joined the McGill Choral Society in my first semester at McGill, but I have no music background apart from some voice lessons in high school. I do listen to a lot of music, but not exactly the kind that we sing in this choir… My other hobbies include reading (sci-fi all the way!), cooking and hiking.


Esha Kaul

Hello! I am a third year Neuroscience student and joining the McGill Choral Society has been one of the best decisions I have made so far. I don’t really have a background in western classical music but I did take singing lessons in Indian classical music as a child and in the recent past some sitar lessons too. My other interests include but are not limited to Carnatic music, reading anything and everything, parallel bollywood cinema, social justice, hiking and yoga.


Cem Biçer

Hello everyone! I’m a U1 student majoring in economics and history from Istanbul, Turkey. I have been in choir (3 years) and percussion (5 years) groups of my high school back in my hometown. Still, it is a pretty new experience to me and pretty exciting to become a member of a big group like this and participate in its executive team. Besides music, reading (mostly history, and fiction), playing and watching sports (especially soccer and basketball), and travelling to places that have small population are some of my other hobbies.


Dorothy Down-Cameron

Hello! My name is Dorothy and I am a U3 Nursing student in the BNI program. Outside of nursing, my interests include theatre, playing guitar, and of course singing with McGill Choral Society! Looking forward to being part of the Executive Committee and helping produce two wonderful concerts this year!


Amy Park
Hi everyone! I’m a second year Biochemistry major from Belleville, Ontario. I joined McGill Choral Society in my first year at McGill. Although I don’t have much experience in choirs, I have played piano for over 13 years and have a Performers Associate Diploma and a Licentiate Diploma in voice. My other hobbies include playing guitar, playing hockey, alpine skiing, and yoga.

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