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The executive team of the McGill Choral Society consists of a group of McGill students, who work closely with our Musical Director, and strive to make your MCS experience the best possible! We are responsible for fundraising, book-keeping, and ensuring that our concerts and rehearsals are organized.

In addition to the Student Executive Team, we have a Senior Support Committee which consists of a group of older members of the choir. They offer their advice and experience to the Student Executive Team, and help us ensure that the choir runs smoothly.


Amy Park


Hi everyone! I’m a fourth year Biochemistry major from Belleville, Ontario. I joined McGill Choral Society in my first year at McGill. Although I don’t have much experience in choirs, I have played piano for over 13 years and have a Performers Associate Diploma and a Licentiate Diploma in voice. My other hobbies include playing guitar, playing hockey, alpine skiing, and yoga.







Cem Biçer

Hello everyone! I’m a U3 student majoring in economics and history from Istanbul, Turkey. I have been in choir (3 years) and percussion (5 years) groups of my high school back in my hometown. Still, it is a pretty new experience to me and pretty exciting to become a member of a big group like this and participate in its executive team. Besides music, reading (mostly history, and fiction), playing and watching sports (especially soccer and basketball), and travelling to places that have small population are some of my other hobbies.


Naomi Bolastig

Hello everyone! I am a U3 student in the Interdepartmental Honours program in Immunology (IHI) here at McGill. I’m originally from the Philippines but have lived in Trinidad and Tobago (in the Caribbean) for the past 11 years before moving here to Montréal for uni! I have never really had formal musical training, but do pride myself in being an intermediate self-taught pianist, as well as the ultimate musical theatre enthusiast. My earliest memory of music and performing was “All I Ask of You” from when I saw Phantom of the Opera on West End as a 4 year old, and since then, I’ve been hooked. Being in choirs and stage productions for as long as I can remember, I’m psyched to perform with and help out as an executive in McGill Choral Society this year!


Emma Klemets

Hello! I am a U2 Physics Honours student at McGill and I am from Ottawa, Ontario. I’ve enjoyed being in many choirs since I was little and I was so glad to find such a welcoming and exciting community from the McGill Choral Society when I joined 2 years ago. Apart from spending most of my time doing calculus homework (and singing), I like to bake, dance ballet and travel.




Daniella Cross
MAA Liaison

Hello! My name is Daniella Cross, and I am a U3 Biology major at McGill. I joined the McGill Choral Society in the winter semester of last year. In high school, I took part in the main choir, as well as the jazz choir! Additionally, I took singing lessons for two years. In addition to the McGill Choral Society, I am a member of UNICEF at McGill. In my free time, I love to explore the city of Montreal, watch movies, and exercise.


Müge Acar

Hi everyone! I am a U2 student studying Psychology and English literature. I am from Istanbul and moved to Montreal to study at McGill. I was in my high school’s choir for 3 years and now being a member of a much bigger choir is very exciting! I love all types of performing arts from theater to opera but musicals hold a special place in my heart. Other than that, I love to cook and watch movies with my friends.





Kayra Aker

Hello everyone! My name is Kayra, and I’m from Ankara, Turkey. I’m a U2 student in the Faculty of Arts pursuing Honours in Economics and a minor in Mathematics. Before joining MCS, the last time I sang in a choir was back in middle school, and even before that in primary school. As you can guess, being part of a very large and well established choir is something very new for me. MCS, with its passionate singers, ongoing traditions, and close-knit community, was one of the highlights of my first year here at McGill. Through MCS I’ve acquired uncountable memories and I would definitely recommend it to anyone! A bit more about myself: I love travelling and spending time with my family and friends.


Alara Buyukkoroglu

Hey everyone! I am from Istanbul, Turkey. It is my second year, here in Montréal. I am a U1 student majoring in Finance and Concentration in Accounting. I used to be in the choir in my high school and now I am here! I love to sing and also dance! I’m also super into sports in general. I am so happy that I am in the Choral Society and the fact that I got to meet the lovely people in it. I love art and fashion. That’s why museums are my favorite places!





Selin Feyzioğlu

Hi everyone! I’m a U1 Economics student from Istanbul, Turkey. This is my second year in McGill and my second semester in the choir. I have been in love with music and performance since I could remember so joining the choir was very exciting for me. I have been in my high school’s choir for 5 years before coming to McGill but this was my first time performing with such a big group! I love the experience and would recommend to everyone. Besides music, some of my hobbies are travelling, baking and reading.




Molly Sun

Hi everyone! I’m a computer science honors student with a minor of musical application technology. I’m from Beijing, China. I’ve been singing in school choirs for several years and had vocal training back in high school. But joining a big group such as MCS is a brand-new experience for me and I’m still excited about it. I’m also a fan of theatre performance especially musicals.






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