The executive team of the McGill Choral Society consists of a group of McGill students, who work closely with our Musical Director, and strive to make your MCS experience the best possible! We are responsible for fundraising, book-keeping, and ensuring that our concerts and rehearsals are organized.

In addition to the Student Executive Team, we have a Senior Support Committee which consists of a group of older members of the choir. They offer their advice and experience to the Student Executive Team, and help us ensure that the choir runs smoothly.

Executive Team 2023-2024:


Ximena Iraheta


Hi! I’m Ximena, a U2 microbiology and immunology student. I’ve been in choirs ever since I was 5 years old. When I heard there was a choir at McGill, I just had to join. Being part of the executive means that I can offer a helping hand to keep the choir running for other choir enthusiasts! Outside of choir, I also enjoy long walks and trying new restaurants!






Sofia Lang


Hi! My name is Sofia, and I am a second year student at McGill studying biomedicine and life sciences. I was part of my high school’s chamber and jazz choir ensembles and had private vocal training for six years prior. Singing is one of my biggest passions and I am very excited to be singing with the MCS! I also really enjoy cooking and reading books.





Mihai Mesko


My name is Mihai,  I’m a 3rd year student in Medicine at McGill. My only singing experience comes from screaming Billy Talent songs in the car. If that sounds like you, it means you too can join choir! My mother forced me to do piano for 14 long years, which taught me how to read music and how to lie effectively about how much I practiced that day. 

I like to play video games, knit socks, ride vintage road bicycles, go camping, and I’m always looking forward to my next meal. 

Looking forward to doing things a stagemanager might do to you (like perhaps…..arranging you on the stage and telling you what to do).


Klara Goettke


Hi 🙂 My name is Klara. I joined the McGill Choral Society as I really enjoyed my choir undergraduate experience at Bishop’s University. Music has always been an ‘escape’ from the everyday for me. Growing up, it was through piano (10 years) and then I switched over to flute. I have played flute for over 12 years now and continue to enjoy it.

Outside of music, I enjoy all outdoor sports and exploring my limits in all aspects of life. I am currently a medical student at McGill (MDCM 2025) and look forward to continually incorporating music into my routine.  



Rachel Yang 


Hello everyone! My name is Rachel (Ruihan) Yang, originally from Beijing, China. I’m a freshman student at McGill faculty of science. Music is a passion for me. I started singing in a choir when I was 6 years old, and music accompanied me throughout my teenage years. Now I join the MCS executive team, hoping to help more people who love music and contribute to the development of MCS. Besides music, I love traveling, sports, and visiting museums.




Jihong Lee


Hi everyone! My name is Aiden Lee, and I am a U1 student studying psychology at McGill.
I am happy to take part in the McGill choir since I loved singing in the local youth choir as a child. When it’s not too cold, I enjoy running half-marathon, which I began while serving in Korean Army. In my spare time, I write poems and read philosophy books, which are my biggest passion.




Rachel Kim


Honorary Members

Jean-Frédéric Olivier

Hello everyone! My name is Jean-Frédéric Olivier, and I am a Tenor in the McGill Choral Society choir since Spring 2019. I am currently a PhD student in Biochemistry at the McGill Research Center on Complex Traits in Dr. Gros laboratory, but even though my primary curriculum is in science, I love music in all its form, particularly choir singing. When I am not doing research or rehearsals (I am also a member of 2 other amazing choirs, Phoebus and Coeur du Plateau), I usually give my time to a not-for-profit organization, the CDTL, to help integrating young school dropouts into the labor market. Oh! And I love cooking, especially tasty vegetarian recipes.






Marek Borik

Hi! My name is Marek Borik and I sing tenor voice. I finished BSc in Computer Science two years ago and now I work full time. I have always loved playing the guitar and singing for myself and my friends, but I wanted to improve my level of singing, so I decided to join a choir. I have been part of MCS since Fall 2022 and been absolutely loving it. My hobbies include travelling, camping, hiking, playing or listening to music, reading and writing poetry… there are so many things to keep me busy!  I also wrote, shot and edited several short films since high school and spent 3 years in the film club “The Plumber’s Station McGill”, so I utilize my experience with recording the choir performances for YouTube and live-streaming the rehearsals.

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