Exec Team

The executive team of the McGill Choral Society consists of a group of McGill students, who work closely with our Musical Director, and strive to make your MCS experience the best possible! We are responsible for fundraising, book-keeping, and ensuring that our concerts and rehearsals are organized.

In addition to the Student Executive Team, we have a Senior Support Committee which consists of a group of older members of the choir. They offer their advice and experience to the Student Executive Team, and help us ensure that the choir runs smoothly.



Jean-Frédéric Olivier


Hello everyone! My name is Jean-Frédéric Olivier, and I am a Tenor in the McGill Choral Society choir since Spring 2019. I am currently a PhD student in Biochemistry at the McGill Research Center on Complex Traits in Dr. Gros laboratory, but even though my primary curriculum is in science, I love music in all its form, particularly choir singing. When I am not doing research or rehearsals (I am also a member of 2 other amazing choirs, Phoebus and Coeur du Plateau), I usually give my time to a not-for-profit organization, the CDTL, to help integrating young school dropouts into the labor market. Oh! And I love cooking, especially tasty vegetarian recipes.


Tyler Haughton


My name is Tyler and I am a last-year undergraduate student studying sociology and European literature. Before joining the choir last session, I had no experience singing, in a choir or alone, but when I heard about this group, I knew I would have a lot of fun. Having participated, and learned a lot from the choir this year, I decided I wanted to participate more and offer more of my time to the hard-working people that keep the choir running. Outside of that, I am passionate about cooking and food security, and love going on hikes or biking around the city.



Palmyra Mendoza Cabrer


Hi everyone! I am a U2 Bioengineering student. I am originally from Mexico, but lived in Calgary, Alberta since I was a teenager. I have always loved music and performing arts and have been participating in church choirs since I was little. In high school I participated in various theatre productions including two musicals! I joined McGill Choral Society in the fall of 2020, and I have really enjoyed the welcoming community and appreciated the effort to keep the music going even when we have to do it apart. Aside from music, I love movies, chocolate, and cats.




Müge Acar


Hi everyone! I am a U2 student studying Psychology and English literature. I am from Istanbul and moved to Montreal to study at McGill. I was in my high school’s choir for 3 years and now being a member of a much bigger choir is very exciting! I love all types of performing arts from theater to opera but musicals hold a special place in my heart. Other than that, I love to cook and watch movies with my friends.



Reginald Lybbert


Hello everyone!  My name is Reginald Lybbert, and I am a PhD student at McGill studying mathematics.  I’m originally from Calgary, Alberta, but I have been living in Montreal since Fall 2018, and have been part of McGill Choral Society since then as well. I’ve been a part of smaller choirs before, but McGill Choral is an awesome opportunity to make music together. Besides singing, I also like to play the piano and the violin.



Molly Sun


Hi everyone! I’m a computer science honors student with a minor of musical application technology. I’m from Beijing, China. I’ve been singing in school choirs for several years and had vocal training back in high school. But joining a big group such as MCS is a brand-new experience for me and I’m still excited about it. I’m also a fan of theatre performance especially musicals.




Sophie(Ziqi) Yao


Hello! My name is Sophie Yao and I’m from China. I’m a U2 Honor Immunology student at McGill. I’ve been in the choir in middle school and had vocal trainings in high school for several years. I love music and performance and that’s why I’m here! The best part about MCS is not just the fantastic music, but also the loving group and welcoming people. I’ve had great memories in my first two years. Besides singing I like reading, languages, and movies.





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